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Lip Balm (Original) - Honey

Lip Balm (Original) - Honey
Lip Balm (Original) - Honey

Honey Lip Balm (Original)
Our lip balms are perfect for lips that need some natural moisturizing. They do not contain any chemical preservatives and leave your lips feeling soft and smooth. We hand pour each lip balm, so while the tops may not be perfectly flat like store-bought, manufactured lip balms, your lips won't care.

We also have a new formula made with mango butter that has a softer feel to it.

Ingredients Soybean oil; Beeswax; Sunflower oil; Cocoa butter; Shea butter; Vitamin E; Flavor oil.
Where's the Goat Milk?
Our price: $3.00
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jamey
    This is a wonderful product. I like to apply it to my lips at bedtime. It is very soothing and my lips are soft. The fragrance is wonderful.
  • Author: Angela Kidwell-West
    LOVE the lip balm. I have been looking for a long time for one that will live up to the marketing surrounding it. Have tried all the major brands, and either they don't work, end up making my lips more dry than they were to start with, have an overpowering scent and/or flavor or feel like I'm slathering my lips in motor oil. This is by far some of the best that I've found. I tried the honey to start with, but I'll be venturing out from there.
  • Author: Brenda Cowan
    I live in Southern California and it is very dry here. I really like your lip balms, they keep my lips soft and moist. They are creamy and feel good on my lips compared to the waxy ones and they don't sting either. I keep one with me all the time.
  • Author: Stephanie
    We ALL love the lip balm, even my 18 year old son! After trying many other lip balms for his extremely dry lips (due to medication), he reluctantly tried my goat milk stuff lip balm. Now he will not use anything other than your lip balm. Thanks for making such a wonderful product that is helping him manage his medication induced parched lips! PS-We love the soaps, too!
  • Author: Tonya
    I have the honey lip balm and it smells SOOO good! I LOVE it! So moisturizing and I've had it for only a few hours! Thanks Jonas family for making such awesome natural products! :D
  • Author: Emily
    Love the lip balm! My husband works outside a lot and he's used it a few times already and likes it too (which is saying a lot if you know what I mean!).
  • Author: Ginger Ballard
    Just got back from our annual 2 week trip to Colorado after which my lips would normally be cracked and sore for another week. Not this time, thanks to my GMS lip balm!
  • Author: Jenna Desrochers
    GMS lip balm 'chapstick' is by far my most favorite stuff I've ever tried on my lips! I have it in Honey & it just feels so smooth & perfect!
  • Author: Lina
    I ordered the honey flavored one and it's amazing!! Seriously, I put it on my lips and it tastes just like sweet honey. It's super nice. The lip balm itself is good and moisturizing. I was expecting a white smear on my lips when I put it on because the balm itself is white, but thankfully, it wasn't that way. It just had that nice, moisturized look. :)
  • Author: Lisa Baker Kail
    The first time I ordered I got the Honey and Chocolate lip balm and I wanted to forget the lips but cover my tongue with it because that is what it smells like. I wanted to eat it instead. LOL It is great!
  • Author: Kristina Gutierrez
    Looooove the lip balms! So moisturizing.
  • Author: Crista
    LOVE the lip balm! It works for a long time, even after it doesn't feel like it's on there anymore. I ordered the Honey to try it out. My next order will be for one of each flavor!
  • Author: Shannon
    I LOVE the lip balm!!! And can't wait to use the bath bombs!
  • Author: Melissa
    Love, love, love these! They're fabulous! They go on extremely well without being greasy, and leave your lips feeling great for hours. They also do amazing things for my daughter and the chapped areas she gets on her lips and around them when she's been licking her lips too much. I'd highly recommend these!
  • Author: A
    Wonderful! It lasts ALL day long. & a little goes a long way. I only have to put a little bit on, rub my lips together, and BAM! my lips are wonderfully moisturized!
  • Author: Janice
    The OMH lip balm is the bomb! Love it, love it & love it!! My staff can ask me 5,000 questions in one day and my lip balm holds up great!
  • Author: Mandi
    I love the Lip Balm. It makes my lips feels smooth and feel great. I don't feel bad using this on my almost 2 year old son either (since I know what it's made of!)
  • Author: Stephanie
    Tell Brett that I LOVE the lip balm. Very nice...I have been known to pay a lot of money for "fancy" lip care at Sephora. I'm going to stick with Brett's lip balm.
  • Author: Lisa
    Hi Brett, Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the lip balm. It's soft and smooth, not crumbly like other homemade balms I've tried. Keep up the good work!
  • Author: Brianne
    I got my package today. I already LOVE the lip balm. I will most definitely be ordering some more of that stuff in the future.
  • Author: Julia
    I'm loving the chocolate lip balm!! It smells really chocolatey when I open the lip balm, but it's not overpowering and I can't taste it when I put it on!!
  • Author: Chandra
    Love the lip balm! My husband keeps trying to steal it from me because he loves it too!
  • Author: Crissy
    Another great product! My lips are so soft. Kudos to you all!!!
  • Author: Jenifer
    I ordered the Lip Balm, and I Love it!!! It is super moisturizing!! Love it!!!
  • Author: Michelle
    Your lip balms are great! I can definitely feel the difference between yours and other brands. My husband has also said that he can feel the difference. Great work!
  • Author: Krista
    I am a HUGE lip balm addict. I have one in every purse, in my office, next to bed, in my bathroom, etc. But a lot of times, lip balms end up feeling heavy and incredibly greasy on my lips, and I hate that feeling. The GMS lip balms do not ever feel like that! They go on easily, and the smells are so yummy that I always feel like I am getting a treat when I reapply. They're all great, and I love keeping my lips soft, knowing that I am not putting a bunch of chemicals near my mouth and eyes!
  • Author: Ruth
    Love my lip balm - It makes my lips feel soft without feeling waxy. I was having a terrible time with cracked lips/corners of the mouth, but this has helped clear it right up. Excellent value!
  • Author: Tee
    My father has lips that crack and bleed horribly and he has tried all sorts of lip balms over the years. He has been using the lip balm from this company for about a month now and he loves it! The best part is that he doesn't have to apply it a dozen times a day the way he would have to do with the other lip balms he's tried.
  • Author: Sunshine
    Love the lip balm. Cool and moisturizing, and I can feel good about using it- knowing there aren't any nasty chemicals in it:)
  • Author: Jonie
    What a great product! So moisturizing and natural, which will definitely make it my 'go-to' lip balm. Thanks, Brett & GMS!
  • Author: JC
    I love this lip balm! My daughter loves it too, so I had to order another one for her. I used to use another "natural" lip balm, but it didn't moisturize my lips like this one does. Thanks for making a great product!
  • Author: Lisa
    The GMS lip balms are amazing!!! It goes on so smooth and never greasy, and it leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth for hours!!! I have had to buy some for all of the kids (including the 1-year-old) because they keep stealing mine and I know this is completely safe for them! Thank you for another wonderful product!
  • Author: A
    Wonderful! It lasts ALL day long. & a little goes a long way. I only have to put a little bit on, rub my lips together, and BAM! my lips are wonderfully moisturized!
  • Author: Betty
    I thought I would let you know the "healing power'"of your lip balm. Last week had a cold soar/fever bister and did not want to buy one of the expensive medications because very, very seldom ever get one. Thought I would just use you lip balm and by-golly it did the trick. Another advertisement for your product if you didn't already know.
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